NOTE: DesignerLogic has just been upgraded to optimize speed. Video Tutorials and Help Articles may not show the same 'look and feel' but the functionality is essentially the same. We are working on updating all of our Help articles and they will reflect the new app's look and feel soon. 

The Catalogue is where you store reusable Items with their specs, pricing, and pictures. 

The Catalogue is NOT inventory. Items in the Catalogue are for lookup to add to projects and are not physical inventory. Put things like tiles, hardware, fabric- anything you'll order repeatedly on projects.

Once an Item is in the Catalogue it can be copied repeatedly to various projects, as needed. This saves time in re-entering the same data again and again. 

This video will show how to:

  • enter new Items directly into the Catalogue
  • edit Items with pics, specs, tags, etc.
  • copy Items from the Catalogue to any Project
  • copy Items from any Project into the Catalogue for future use