To add items, make proposals, and orders you'll need to first create the Project they will be attached to. This can be done quickly with the +Start a Project button on the main Dashboard when you log in. 

Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 2.18.50 PM.png

Enter your Project's contact information, default Tax Rate, and the Print Address you want to show up on all printouts. 

For client's with multiple projects (i.e. a company that has several restaurants, each one its own project) make sure to fill in the 'Client Name' field and use that same Client Name for each project they own. For example: 

If 'Atlanta Dining Co' has 5 restaurant projects you're working on then you'll have 5 separate project, each with the same 'Client Name' of Atlanta Dinging Co:

Project Name:               Client Name:

Restaurant Name 1       Atlanta Dining Co

Restaurant Name 2       Atlanta Dining Co

Restaurant Name 3       Atlanta Dining Co

Restaurant Name 4       Atlanta Dining Co

Restaurant Name 5       Atlanta Dining Co

Using the same 'Client Name' for each related project will connect those projects to the overall Client for all of them.

When you click 'Submit' it will save the project and open the Project Dashboard for that Project. 

Items & Work are were all the Items (products and services) are on the Project. Each button or link will take you to more data about the project, as you work and add to it.