NOTE: DesignerLogic has just been upgraded to optimize speed. Video Tutorials and Help Articles may not show the same 'look and feel' but the functionality is essentially the same. We are working on updating all of our Help articles and they will reflect the new app's look and feel soon. 

DesignerLogic Cloud is designed to use 'tabs' to open new windows, instead of using outdated popups. This enables the user to have multiple views (for example; a proposal, a purchase order, and the main project) open at one time, in an organized way. 

Most browsers default to open new windows in new tabs. However, if you're having issues with new windows opening you may need to change your browser's 'new window' settings. 

If DesignerLogic looks like this for you, you'll definitely want to change to 'open with tabs' in your browser's settings:

Here are a few examples of where those settings are and what they should be:

Mac Safari- go to 'Safari' in the top left menu and click 'Preferences.' Then click 'Tabs' like the screenshot below:


PC Internet Explorer (later versions):

Google Chrome should be set to open new windows in Tabs by default, without the option to change it.