NOTE: DesignerLogic has just been upgraded to optimize speed. Video Tutorials and Help Articles may not show the same 'look and feel' but the functionality is essentially the same. We are working on updating all of our Help articles and they will reflect the new app's look and feel soon. 

It's easy to customize your Tax Rates in DesignerLogic. Just go to the Account button in the upper right and choose Settings. Then click the Tax Rates tab.

In the United States, you can have as many Tax Rates as you work in different counties. 

When entering a new Tax Rate make sure to put it in as a decimal (like .0825 for 8.25%) and DesignerLogic will convert it to a percent % when it's 'Added'. 

Here's a few examples of what you might want to enter for various countries. Just remember to use the 'Tax Description' to 'call' the Tax Rate what you need it to be. 


New Zealand: