NOTE: DesignerLogic has just been upgraded to optimize speed. Video Tutorials and Help Articles may not show the same 'look and feel' but the functionality is essentially the same. We are working on updating all of our Help articles and they will reflect the new app's look and feel soon. 

Proposals/Invoices/Purchase Orders can all be exported from DesignerLogic and then imported into Quickbooks (and any other accounting package that allows imports). 

DesignerLogic already allows the exporting. To do the importing into Quickbooks another software app is required: Transaction Importer Pro (or if you have a preferred importer that will do as well).

Attached to this article are the field maps for importing Proposals/Invoices/Purchase Orders into Quickbooks using Transaction Importer Pro.

A few steps and points before you start:

  • download and Activate the Transaction Importer Pro
  • **Project Names: If you already have projects in Quickbooks as Clients, make sure the name is spelled the SAME in DesignerLogic so it puts it in the right place in Quickbooks
    • if a project is not yet in Quickbooks the Importer Pro will create a new Client under that name
  • **Tax Items: if you have a Tax Description in DesignerLogic it MUST ALSO be in Quickbooks as a Sales Tax Item with EXACTLY the same spelling, or it will stop the import into QB (see video tutorial)

Please see each individual video tutorial for specialized import steps:

Exporting Proposals from DesignerLogic and Importing them to Quickbooks:

Cloud Video Thumb.png

Exporting Purchase Orders from DesignerLogic and Importing them to Quickbooks: