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cannot add image

I just created a new item and forgot to add a product image. When I try to edit the item using the edit button on the right of the items list page it does not have the option of adding an image. If I open the item detail and then try to edit the item it says the item is on a purchase order or proposal that is locked. The item is not on a proposal or a purchase order. 

Hi Marissa,

I'll take a look and get back to your shortly. We just did a huge update and it might have affected this. 

Hi Marissa,

Did you create this Item (102 Sydney Alcove Bath 60x34x20) somewhere beside the main 'New Item' form? It sets an image parameter differently on some other 'New Item' forms and it would help to know where it was created.  In the meantime I've removed the restriction for the image on the Items List Edit page so you can add an image. 

Re the locked message, the item wasn't actually locked, just the message was showing up. We've fixed that setting as well. 

Hi Marissa,

I see that the item was added with the web clipper- it handles images differently if an item is added that way, which is why the upload option wasn't showing on the edit pages. We've adjusted the clipper to allow manual uploading of images after the fact, if needed. You should be good to go now- 



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