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Double images

Over the past week I've been having the issue of images for product showing up as double images or not showing up at all. Here is a picture of double images I am getting.This is happening on new product I'm adding to my projects as well as old product we have had in our catalog for years. 


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Hi Marissa,

Can you tell me what project that's for and if that's happening on all the item list pages or just some of them? 

Also, first thing to try is to log out, clear the browser's cache and then, in addition to this hold down the shift key and click the browser's 'refresh' button (the one that reloads the page you're on). This will remove all old script from your browser- DL had a big update the last couple of weeks and it's possible you still have some of the old script in the browser. 

But please let me know as well which project and pages you're having issues with so I can dig deeper if that doesn't work. 

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