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Linking items as components in catalogue

I've started a catalogue of many plumbing fixtures; some of these are trims and some roughs. I don't have the roughs linked as components to their trims and would like to, but don't see how to do that through the catalogue alone. I get how to do it through the items list in a project proposal but would like to connect those that I've already entered into the catalogue too.

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Hi Kelly,

The Catalogue doesn't do components, currently. If you have complicated items with components that you'd like to use over and over on new projects, the best thing to do is create a dummy 'template' project and put the items with components on that. You can create specific Areas and/or Proposals on that template project (like 5 different 'Living Rooms,' each with unique items in it) and then in the Items section you can filter for that template project, then by Area or Proposal to drill down to those items, and then copy them all at one time to a new project. 

We are going to be adding components to the Catalogue in the fairly near future but the 'template' project method should work in the short term. 

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