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Balance Invoice for split deliveries


We usually quote a number of items in a proposal. Then collect a 50% deposit. 

Then as the items have different lead times, we invoice the balance at different times. 

Quote includes:

Sofa $1000

Side table $200

Lamp $300

Total price to client is $1500

We collect a 50% deposit = $750

Then when the lamp is ready for delivery (a month or so before the other two items) we invoice the balance due for the lamp = $150 (50% balance)

Then when the Sofa and Side table are ready for delivery we invoice $600. 

How can I do this in Designer Logic?

It looks like I have to use the same invoice and can not separate the items?


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Hi Sarah-Jane,

You can definitely use multiple invoices for the same proposal, as Items come in and you want to bill for them separately. 

In terms of your scenario described here, there are a couple options.

Option 1:

- once you create the proposal, on it ask for a 50% deposit as that's part of the presentation to the client

- when the client pays you enter it as a 'Retainer/Deposit' from the project in the Project Dashboard.

- if you're going to collect remaining balances on all/most of the Items at various times you can have them all on their own invoice (or you can have multiple items on the same invoice if you're going to collect at the same time). Meaning don't use the 'Create Invoice' on the proposal as that puts all items from the proposal on the same invoice. 

- you'll need to 'Create New Invoice' from either the project's items/work list or the project's invoice page and then add the item(s) to that invoice for each item you want to collect on separately. You may have 12 or so invoices for 1 proposal this way. 

- now, with the 50% Retainer/Deposit, you can go into that section from the Project Dashboard and Apply it to each invoice at 50% of the total. This will mark all the invoices (and items on them) paid at 50% with 50% due. 

- as Items come in and you want to collect balance's due just send out the same invoice (it'll show the balance due) and collect that. Then add the payment onto the invoice to zero it out. You don't have to enter individual payments as Retainers/Deposits as that's usually for large lump sum payments. 

Option 2: 

- unlike above, you can just put all items from the proposal on the same invoice, ask for 50% payment, apply that 50% payment to the invoice. The invoice will show a balance due. 

- then, as each item on the invoice comes to completion send the same invoice out and put in the note which Item and amount you're collecting on. Add that payment and it will adjust the balance due. Then as other item's come in do the same thing. You may have 2 to 15 or 20 payments on the same invoice this way. 

Basically, invoices in DL are designed to be sent out each time for balance due. You don't make a separate invoice to collect a balance, you just resend the original till it's paid off. Either options above would use this method. 

Hope this helps and if you need more instructions just let us know. 

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