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Problem when I create a new invoice

On any client, when I create my first new invoice I click on Create new invoice, fill in the form, then click Submit, I get the attached screen.  I have to go back to the project page, reselect my client and then I can see my invoice and add items to it.

Hi Cheryl,

I can't get it to do this in testing. Can you please try logging out, clear the browser's cache completely, log back in and try it? I haven't had this issue with anyone else so I need to try a few things first to diagnose it. 

Ah- nevermind that last request. I see where the issue is coming from (the button on the 'no invoices' page. I'll get that taken care of shortly. Thanks for bringing it up. 

Hi Cheryl,

Should be good to go now- thanks for bringing that up. 



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