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add an existing item as a component

I am trying to add an accessory to a cabinet order as a component item.  Both items are already existing.  I click on the item then bulk actions.  I try to click on the box to add it as a component and I get a red circle with a line through it.  The client is Zanetti, the item is 001.  I want to add it to item CA001.

Yes, however, when I attach an item to another item from the project page the attached item remains on the proposal as a separate item. I have to delete the item from the project page and add it as a component directly to the intended item. (Sometime, I don’t want to show the customer my cost or every detail of an item.) Further, all the attached item have to be added up manually to determine the final cost. I loved the build an item feature in the previous version of DL. It worked perfectly.

Hi Cheryl,

The grayed out circle with a line through it shouldn't matter in these particular instances. When you select a main item from the drop down list to attach the selection as a component, it should go ahead and attach them when you click update. It has to do with having one vs multiple selections for Bulk Actions, and what exactly the Update is for. 

But basically, the Update should work and attach the Item to what you choose in the drop down, when the Update button is clicked. 

Ultimately, we'll be making this process a little more intuitive in the long run.. 

We are looking at the Bulk Actions issue still and should have a solution soon. 

RE the components and the main Item's price, please create a new topic for an unrelated question so the forum threads don't get confused. 

That said, components are not supposed to automatically add up to an overall price in the main Item. A lot of designers break down the prices to their clients for each components. Sometimes they add them all together. It varies so the flexibility needs to be there to do it either way. Here's a video of using components for items.

Cheryl/Kevin, I am having the same problem. Also, with components they seem to stay on the Proposal when an item is added as a component from the project page.

When I add components to an item directly, the price does not update on the main item. I have to manually calculate or change the price then add it to the main item. If I do not do this it will not show the correct amount on a proposal. 

Hi Cheryl,

I'm looking into this issue and will put a response as soon as we have it worked out. 

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