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Building Items

Often I have to design a kitchen or a bathroom. There are many components that go into a new shower or bath remodel. 

In the original DL I was able to build an item such as a shower. The information was all there in front of me. You could price each individual item and assign task to different subs ( Tile, Plumbing, Framing for example) . When it was built you would then lock it and it would become one for the client. The client never saw each item broken out.  I can not figure out how to do this in this new cloud version DL without missing thing. Any Ideas?  

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The process is essentially the same in the new DL. Its called adding 'Components' to an Item. When you do that you can add things like pillows, fabric, labor, shipping, etc to something like a sofa. 

This is done in the Item Details page (click on the 'Item Details' link on the left the list for Items and Work. 

Here's a video on how this works:

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