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We have been having an issue with purchase orders that have negative amounts not transferring into quick books. We create these purchase orders for when we have returned an item to a vendor and received credit. When we try to bring these into Quickbooks it rejects out of transaction pro. Is there anything you can do to correct this issue? Thanks!  

Hi Marissa,

Unfortunately, it's a Transaction Importer issue. We can't control what they allow to be imported and I believe negative numbers on PO's, as you mention, doesn't work. 

We have been looking at creating 'credit memos' for vendors that are similar to retainers/deposits for clients. That should work for this situation- it'll be towards spring that gets in production as we have a lot of updates beforehand in the queue. 

So for now, what you could do is, in the csv file you're going to import, change the negative number to a either a 0 or positive number and then just quickly fix it after it's imported to QB. That'll at least get the PO in QB so you don't have to retype everything. If you change the number in the csv file it won't affect the DL numbers, as the csv file at that point is independent of DL. 

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I have to issue a credit to a client due to over an overcharged item. It has already been invoiced to the customer. How do you issue a credit when a retainer has been used for the item without deleting the invoice and the transaction?

I have had to delete the invoice go back into the proposal, make the adjustment,  reissue the invoice, then reapply the retainer to the new invoice. It would also be helpful if I could show the client where the adjustment was made and how it was applied.

One thing most people do in such a situation is create a new Retainer and call it Credit "your description" and then use that retainer going forward on new invoices. That way it'll be clear to the client where their credit was applied. 

But if you want to keep the input money the same (they paid you a certain amount of retainers and you don't want to alter that with a credit retainer) then you'll need to adjust the invoice (proposal shouldn't matter) so the total is correct. Delete the old payment, apply the retainer to the new invoice total, some will be left over on the retainer (as the credit) to be used going forward. 

The former DL use to have a credit memo area. It was simple and you could track the reason you issued credit.   

Don't know where it when to. I will try the retainer idea.

I am still not happy with the solution. I don't understand and simple accounting problem can not be resolved. The purchase order for returns is not a solution.

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