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I forgot to add Needs Approval option when adding items

Hi, I forgot to add "Needs Approval" option when I was adding an item. Now I don't have that option to add this now. When I click on Item, Edit Item then item title, there is no such option. So how do I add the item for Client to approve? there is no phone support or even a chat line on this software. Very frustrating. 

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Hi Tamara,

As I said in the email we do have our contact info (including phone) on our website and I'd be happy to help you out with this. 

Re getting Approvals on Items and Proposals, the way to do this is via the Client Portal, where your client can log into DesignerLogic and see the Proposals and Items you decide to publish. There they can approve/decline and comment on Items and Proposals, which will show up in your own DesignerLogic account. 

The 'Order Approval' field when you create a new Item isn't for your client's approval, it's for ordering the item. Mostly large corporate firms use this where they have a specific staff person who 'approves' the Items before cutting a purchase order. This is for internal approval and not from your client. The above 'Client Portal' feature is how your client approves items/proposals. 

Here's some video tutorials on how to use the Client Portal:

I would watch the videos in order above so they can lay out the process step by step. If you have any other questions please don't hesitate to ask- 

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