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Create Install Order

It would be amazing to have the ability to create an install order in DL without having to retype all the info elsewhere. For example, we have many of our items shipped to a receiving warehouse that will deliver and install items to client. The install order would need similar info to the PO but without net pricing info on it. It is helpful for the receiver to have all info regarding items to be received and installed (including pic). This would also assist in tracking who is installing each item, as well as, the install date and costs. 

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Hi Katherine,

There is a similar ability to do this right now in DL. If you go to 'Tasks' from the Project Dashboard there's a link on the upper right for 'Supplier/Contractor Tasks.' Click that and you can create an installation (or any other) task and select the supplier (or warehouse or installer, etc) to assign it to. You can also put in instructions and a due date. 

Tasks for specific suppliers can then be printed out like a punch list and tracked with the due dates on the overall project. 

Here's a video of how that works (there's a number of places to enter a contractor task, the video shows one):

As well, if you get your supplier (or warehouse or installer) to sign up for a Supplier's premium account in DL ($29.95/month) they can receive those tasks and update them directly in DL, and you will see their updates in your own account in DL). 

Hope this helps some- perhaps we can make some adjustments to further the utility of Contractor Tasks.

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