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Duplicate values are not allowed for one or more fields

I keep getting this whenever I try to start a new project.  I followed the same steps as when I created the first project but somehow this second time it's not working.  Not sure what "Duplicate values are not allowed for one or more fields" means; nothing has been duplicated.  Need help to get passed this in order to start working on next project right away.  Thank you.

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Hi Alexandro,

The first thing to check is your Areas list in Account/Settings (upper right menu) and see if you have duplicate Areas there. Because when a new project is created it will copy that default list of Areas to it, so you have something to start with. 

It won't allow duplicate Areas on a project as that would cause issues.

If you do have duplicate area names in Account/Settings/Areas delete one of them and then create the project. 

Please let me know if this doesn't solve the issue and we'll look further into it. 

Best Regards,


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