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Cancel/ Save and close issue

I am having an issue when adding new items to a project. When I click the save and close button at the end it loops me back to the page with messages that I have not filled out required info. It will not let me cancel and close the window or save and close.  It seems based on the looping back asking me to fill out required info, that it has not saved the information. However if I close out the page on my web browser then open a new page and go to the project items it does have all of the information saved. Basically I have to close out of Designer Logic then go back into it to get out of the add item error loop. 

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Hi Marissa,

That's definitely an odd issue I haven't heard anyone else having. Does this happen on all projects and on all items or just some of them? Also, are you adding an Item from the Items & Work page or from the Project Dashboard? If you can let me know those things I can look into it more deeply.

Also, you may want to try logging out of DL, delete the cache and cookies of the browser, and then log back in. Sometimes the cache can get clogged up and do odd things. If you try this please let me know how it goes and with the info from the above questions I'll be able to take a closer look.

Best Regards,


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