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Bulk Copying or Moving to Area

Is there anyway of bulk moving or copying items from one project area to another? 

I know we can copy to specific areas within a project if we are copying from the catalog. I also realize if we copy from the items history we can copy to the project but not into an area. What I need is a way of taking the 50+ items which I copied from history and are now filed under "area none" into the area I need them. I need to do this without having to edit each item individually. It would also be much easier if we could bulk copy and move items that are already in the project from one area into other areas. 

Hi Marissa,

We've added the ability to change multiple Items/Work Areas on the main Items & Work page (from the Project Dashboard). Just select the Item(s) you want and go to Bulk Actions- there's now a drop down choice so you can change many Items Areas at the same time. Hope this helps and if you need anything else just let us know. 

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This is exactly what I needed!! Thank you!! 

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