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Time Tracking

I am trying to print time cards by employee.  I go to Time Tracking / Time Admin.  I select the time frame I want, in this case 5/15/17 to 5/21/17 and the employee.  The screen shows the time for that employee only.  I then select Print Admin view.  The report shows all time reported for one job, *KV, by all employees since we started using Designer Logic.

Hi Cheryl,

All the time reports have their own Search/Filter pages so you'll want to use them for that specific report. Let me know if you're doing that and still having the issue. 

When I select the date range and the employee, I see just that employees time on the screen.  When I select the Print Admin View, there is no search/filter for that option, it just brings up the pdf in a new tab on Chrome.  The report does not reflect the same information that appears on the Time Admin tab.  I print a copy of each time report for each employee and archive it.  I need the report to reflect accurately what I am paying that employee for each week.

I'm not sure I'm understanding exactly what you're looking for. The 'Print Admin View' does have its own Search/Filter option when it opens in a new tab (I've attached a screenshot) and that's where you'd filter by date and staff. 

If I'm still missing something here let me know and we'll schedule a screenshare and call so you can show me. 

Thank you.  I see that now.  Not sure what changed but previously, the report would show what I already had selected on the time admin view tab.  I will adjust my workflow.  Thanks.

Hi Cheryl,

We thought it would be simpler if the search/filter were on the page itself since people often change the filters in one view. 

That said, we just added the Time Download formatted for Transaction Pro for QB as you requested. It's on the Time Admin page under the other print options. It also has its own Search/Filter option. 

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