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Inactive project list

I need to look at an inactive project.  When I go to my projects page I only see Projects and Client portal at the top of the page.  I am missing the All Projects option

Hi Cheryl,

It's in the Search/Filter option- there's a choice there whether to view Active/Inactive or All projects. We unified the two project pages as it's better to use the filter option.

Thanks for the info.  Do you have any release notes anywhere so I don't have to keep bugging you with this stuff?

We're going to release the update for purchase order approvals and some comment function updates next and we'll have release notes for those as well as everything going forward. We use to have release notes on the login page but people preferred a cleaner login. So we're going to have it in a different place, probably in the support section, though we haven't nailed that down completely yet. 

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