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tracking payroll in quickbooks

Is there a way to export a time tracking sheet to quickbooks?  If not, can i create a spreadsheet from a time sheet rather than a pdf so I can get totals by job.  My goal is to be able to include wages paid in my P & L by Class on Quickbooks.  If I can import it through Transaction Pro, great.  If not, I will hand type it but it would be easier if I had a spreadsheet where I could get the subtotals by job on each weeks payroll.

Hi Cheryl,

We should be able to create a download for time in a csv format. I believe Transaction Pro has an import for Time but I'm not sure exactly how that goes into QB. But we will make it so you can get the time records in csv, at least. Should be available by end of next week. 

Hi Cheryl,

I mentioned it in your other post but we have added a download option formatted for Transaction Pro for QB. That link is on the Time Admin page, below the other print options. It will open a new report (has its own Search/Filter option) and there's a download link on that page. 

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