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Time cost

I would like to be able to use the time cost in the profit and loss calculations for a job but I don't want employees seeing how much their coworkers earn.  Is the hourly cost of an employee hidden to everyone but the administrator?

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Hi Cheryl,

Right now a staff person can see only their own time in the Time Tracking section if they're not checked 'Admin' in the Account/Users section. If they try to open the Time Admin page where everyone's time is they won't be able to, unless they're 'admin' users. 

However, on each project's dashboard 'Time Tracking' section all staff time will show up as well as on an invoice printout that has time charges on it. This is because most people need to be able to reference any time spent on a project from all staff if a questions comes up (like if the client calls and wants to know what 'x' time charge was about). We are working on a more granular User Permissions setup that will show/hide columns for each user, a feature that will offer more flexibility on this subject. All that should be done this summer. 

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