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Client Portal Not Sending Email Invite

Hello Kevin

I have 3 new clients and none of their client portal requests are going through. Please advise.



Hi Margaret,

I'll email you privately so you can let me know which specific projects are the issue (don't post them here). 

Best Regards,


Hi Margaret,

I emailed this to you personally but wanted to update this forum thread in case anyone else comes across the same issue. 

If the problem is in the ‘Send Portal Login Link’ that’s not working it’s most likely you’re using a web-based emailer (like gmail) instead of a desktop email client like Outlook or Mac Mail. 

That link (and other email links in DL)  is designed to open an email in the default emailer on your computer- sometimes web base emailers (that email from a web browser instead of an email client) won’t let it open. So that would be why nothing happens when you click on the link. It’s possible you might be able to change default email settings for your computer but it’s very specific to each machine. 

But basically, for email links like that it requires an 'email client' like Outlook or Mac Mail to be the default emailer on your computer. 

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