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Add manufacturer disclaimer to proposal

I want to have the manufacturer disclaimers print on a proposal.  I tried putting the disclaimer with the item as a related file but I can't find where that would print out to the client.  Is there another way to do this?

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Hi Cheryl,

The best place to put something like a disclaimer on a proposal would be in the Terms & Conditions section at the bottom of the proposal. This can be any length and any language and can be set when editing the overall proposal (like it's address, etc). 

Note, putting info there will seem like it applies to the entire proposal so if the disclaimer is related to only one item (among many on the proposal) make sure to delineate in the text in Terms and Conditions the Item it's related to. 

The other option, if you want the disclaimer to be directly by the Item it's related to, is to paste the text into the big box in the Item itself called 'Extra Description for Client' (in the Edit part of an Item). This will show any length of text you want right below the Item Description on a Proposal .

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