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New Comments section

With the new comments area, I can find where to enter comments - but I can't post them....?  What button do I click to actually post them?

Hi Tina,

If you want to respond to a comment- or make a new comment related to one already there- click the '+ Add Comment to Thread' link and that will open the Thread with all related comments. There you can add a new comment by clicking the green '+Add Comment' link at the top. 

If you want to start a new comment thread there's a green link at the top '+ Start Thread'. Click that and the create new comment thread form opens.

The new Comments allows unlimited comments now about the same thing- a 'Thread.' For example, you may have on a project a comment thread called 'Installation Issues' and 14 comments in that thread alone. And another thread on the same project called 'Rug Choices' with 7 comments. This enables much more communication via comments. 

Comment Threads can have comments to your client and to all of your staff. We are also adding comments to participating suppliers (coming soon). This way a comment thread like 'Installation Issues' can have comments to/from your client, your staff, and the supplier/contractors involved all in the same place. 

Once the new Supplier Portal goes live (very soon) we'll be redoing a video tutorial for Comments, as they will be a powerful addition to a designer's toolset. 

Hi Kevin,

Thanks.  I do understand how to write the comment/add the comment - but what function actually posts it on the comments page?  If I hit enter, it doesn't work.  If I hit 'close', it closes without adding what I just entered.

Hope that makes sense.  I've attached a screenshot and hope what I'm asking makes sense.


Oh I see what you're asking- it won't let you submit a comment until a 'Directed To' person is selected. That's the 'Select' drop down menu- once a name is chosen the Submit button will appear. It's a failsafe to make sure a person to direct the comment to is actually selected. 

So first choose wether the comment is for a Staff member, the Client, or the Supplier (coming soon)- then use the 'Select' drop down to actually choose the name (if it's staff there may be more than one name to choose from). 

I'll see if we can make that a little clearer on the form- 

Got it, thanks very much.  =)

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