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Accepting Credit Card Payments

Is there a way to use some soft of click to pay on invoices or otherwise integrate with bank credit card processing?

Hi Hilda,

DL is designed to run all projects and then export relevant transaction data (proposals, invoices, purchase orders) so they can be imported into an accounting program, where all business accounting is done under one roof. 

It might seem like a good idea to integrate accounting with the project management side of but in practice this ends up making an app awkward and hard to use for both (as well, accountants an bookkeepers much prefer to work with standard accounting apps). So we've focused DL on doing the 90% of things that are not accounting and then enabling exports to accounting apps so no retyping is necessary. 

That said, the easiest way to take payments online is via Quickbooks Online or Xero. DL will export proposals, invoices, purchase orders into a file that can be easily imported into QBO (right new Xero only enables invoices) and QBO enables easy payment receiving from clients. Here's a video on how that works:

We are also working on a 'live sync' so that there's no need to export/import into QBO or Xero- that will be a seamless process we hope to have available this summer. 

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Awesome!  Thanks so much!

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