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Lock Items that have been Invoiced

I have been having an issue with items being modified after they have been invoiced.  Is there a way to lock an item so that only an administrator can update that item after it has been invoiced.  

Hi Cheryl,

We're going to have a big update towards end of spring that's a 'corporate firm' upgrade. This will include more permissions for users, ability to assign users to specific projects (so they cannot see other projects) and also locked proposals and invoices (so you need the right permission to modify them). 

We are about to come out with a supplier portal and after that the 'corporate firm' update will be next in line and that should address this issue. 

Any news on the corporate firm update?

Hi Cheryl,

We just released the order-approval feature (where a designated staff person approves items/specs for ordering) and an email with a link to a video tutorial went out on that. 

The next step of the corporate update now is designating users for projects and permissions, and a timeline feature. We should be getting that done in the next couple of months. 

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