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Email Notification Settings

Where can I edit my email notification settings for comments? I would like to be notified when someone responds to my internal comments. These do not seem to show up on the dashboard "comments" notifications. 

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Hi Katherine,

The comment only shows up on the Notifications for who it was originally directed to, and if it's still marked unread by that person. So if the person who the comment is directed to responds it won't show up in your own Notifications (but it will show up in the Projects Internal Comments). 

That said, email notifications are sent when comments are made: check spam filters for email from, as this is supposed to give real time notifications of comments. 

Also, we will be updating the comment system in the next couple of months to make it clearer and easier to use. We're integrating suppliers into comments so that Comments will be a full communication system from supplier to designer to client. 

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