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How do I set up inventory that I'm ordering under my business

I'm new to Designer Logic, and it doesn't create a business project automatically.  Do I have to set that up manually?  If so, what are the modifications under that tab for tax etc?  I'm ordering inventory to sell to clients for accessories and my shop.

Need help with this as I've just ordered a large order of inventory items and do not know how to input that into DL.  On that order I also have items for a client, so I'm not sure how to delineate that from the same order to their project.

Hi Christy,

It's easy to set up inventory for your company by creating a Project just for that. It can be called something like 'Inventory' or whatever is best for you. 

Then put Items on that project to fill it up and when you want to move things from Inventory to other projects that can be done in the Items section (left hand navigation 'Items'). There you can filter the Items list by the 'Inventory' project and select specific ones, then transfer them to other projects (and that will take them out of inventory). 

Related, you can save 'non inventory' (meaning not physical items but an 'ordering reference') Items in the Catalogue and then reuse them over and over on projects (i.e. tiles, fabric, hardware, etc). 

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How do you transfer it to a client project or proposal from Inventory.  I went to the items on the left side bar,  but do not see how to transfer it over.

Also, where do I file business expenses and overhead costs? (Office Depot, advertising, etc)



For transferring Items there's a link in the middle of the Items page for 'Switch Projects'. That's where you can move items from one project (the inventory one) to another. 

Re business expenses- they would be entered in your regular accounting program. DL is the project management side and will export transactions (proposals, invoices, purchase orders) so they can be imported to accounting apps like QB and QBO. Here's a link where there are videos on how to do so:

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