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Vendor Quotes

Hi Is there a way to create vendor quote and turn that into customer proposal? This step is a missing link for me on this platform. Or am I missing something?


Hi Margaret,

Getting quotes from a vendor is a feature we are adding in actually at the end of this week or beginning of next week. 

What you'll want to do is just create the Items (products and services) you'd like quotes for like normal Items on the project (you can do this now and then get the quotes when that feature comes out). These items can be put on a proposal first or you can wait till you get a quote and then put them on a proposal. 

When the quote feature is rolled out (later this week or early next) you'll be able to check 'Quote Request' on whichever Items you want and your supplier will get a notification of that request. They can then log into their own account in DL and update those quotes right there for you, and you'll get notified when that happens. 

Your supplier will need to sign up for their own account in DL to do this (it also includes updating POs, ship dates, tasks, etc) but we expect to have a lot of suppliers do this, as it's a big benefit to both suppliers and designers. Once this feature is live we'll be notifying all users of DL so they can hop on it. 

Great, Thank you Kevin!

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