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Printing Proposal with Items Sorted by Area Alphabetically

How do I print a proposal or purchase order where the items are itemized by area alphabetically? It's not clean clear having all the items out of order. For clients there needs to be a clear flow to items listed. Every time I click the areas arrow to it adjusts on the screen but when I go to print it reverts right back. 

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Hi Laura,

The printouts are ordered first by area and then by Item #, alphabetically. If you want the Items reordered (within their Area) then use the Item # field to order them. Keep in mind the Item # field is text and not number, so it will put 11 before 9 (it's a text field because a lot of designers use letters as well for Item #). So using something like 2.1, 2.2, 2.3 etc if you have a lot in the same area. 

Re printing after reordering by a column- I think you may be trying to print a screen that's not supposed to be printable. For proposals, invoices, and purchase orders there are links for 'Print' (on the right side of the main transaction page) and those are the views for printing. The print views don't have 'live' headers that reorder- that's on the regular work pages (that aren't supposed to be printed). 

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