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Optimal Photo/Image Size

What is the best image size for adding photos to an item.  I am exeriencing major inconsistancy when trying to print PDF spec sheet documents.  I prefer that all the information prints on one page when possible, vs having a large image on the 1st page.

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Hi Melissa,

The picture size was set to have a width of 500px so that it would fit on a normal portrait printout. 

We just changed the width to be a 'maximum width 500px' instead of a fixed width of 500px. What this means is that it will no longer stretch a smaller pic to 500 width (thereby causing distortion) but will let it remain the actual width of the image you uploaded. 

That said, the height used is dependent on the width/height ratio of the image itself. So the height will change for each image depending on how wide it is.

This update should give you sharper images on those printouts. 

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