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I want freight to show up at the bottom of my proposal

When I am entering freight on a proposal, I want it to show up as the last line item.

No matter what I do, it always show up first - and I don't like that at all.

I mostly use manually entered item #'s.  For freight I've tried using 'frt' and '999' and no matter what - it's always the first line item on the proposal when I download the proposal.

I've also tried entering the freight first - and last - and still no difference.



Hi Tina,

The ordering for Items/Services on Proposals and Invoices is always first by Area, then by Item #. So the only way currently to put freight at the end of the list is if the freight's Area is alphabetically after all the other Items. 

We are working on adding the option to select items like freight to show up as a total on the bottom (like tax). That will be coming after the next big update we around February 1st so I would expect it by about March. 

I understand.  Thanks.

So, if I call the area of freight something that begins with the letter 'z', it should show up last, correct?

Hi Tina,

Yes, that's correct. 

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