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Sales tax again!

I am struggling to get my invoices correct when I charge sales tax.  Would it be possible to place a T on the invoice or print Tax next to those items that are being taxed on that invoice.  There are so many places that affect whether an item is taxable or not and I need an easy way to proofread a printed invoice before I send it.  

Hi Cheryl,

There's a separate columns that says 'Tax?' on the Item List for the invoice, so you can see if the invoice is taxable or not. Is there some other place you're referring to? I'm not sure where you mean exactly- 

Kind Regards,


Hi Kevin,  Yes, there is that column on the item list.  I am looking for a final check on the printed invoice itself.  Quickbooks puts a capital T next to taxable items.  Really just something simple that could easily be seen by the client and by me.

Thanks,  Cheryl

Ok- I'll see what we can do. Should be toward end of next week that's available. 

Hi Cheryl,

We've added a 'T' to taxable Items on Invoice printouts now. 

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