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Login timeout

Is there place that I can adjust the amount of lag time between entries before the system automatically logs me out?  It would be nice if it could be 15 or 20 minutes.  I move between Quickbooks, Chief Architect and Designer Logic all day long.  Quite often I will submit a download request to DL, then move to the Quickbooks import process.  This process takes 2 to 3 minutes.  When I go back to DL, I have been logged out and have to log in again.  It isn't that it takes that long to log back in, it's just that I lose my place in DL and have to retrace my steps to get back to where I was. (and it is a little annoying to be honest:))

Hi Cheryl,

That's very odd because there is a 1 hour timeframe for logging out of DL if there's no activity. Is it possible that another staff person is logging in with your email address? If so that would log you out because a user's email can only be logged into one computer at a time. 

If it's not this I would try working in a different browser and see if you have the same issue- it might be your browser's specific security settings that's doing it. But normally DL wouldn't log you out unless a whole hour went by with no activity. 

Let us know how it goes- 

Kind Regards,


Hi Kevin,

Thank you for this information.  It is possible that someone else is logging in using my address.  I did notice that some hours had been input under my name on a project that I didn't work on.   I think that can only happen using my account or by an admin person and I am the admin person:)

If I open a support tab or another window, e.g. invoices, in a new window of chrome does that constitute a second log in?

Hi Cheryl,

If someone else is using your email login it'll definitely use 'you' as the person doing the work- so you'll see an Item or Task made with your name attached, if someone is using your email login. It can cause confusion so I'd definitely make sure everyone using DL has their own user account. 

Re opening a new window instead of a tab in Chrome- that doesn't count as a separate login. However, it can be confusing to have multiple windows open so I would go into Chrome's preferences and set it to open a new 'tab' for links instead of an entirely new window. That's how DL is set up to work- by opening new tabs and not windows, as it's much simpler. 



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