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Logo won't show up


Just started today on Designer Logic.  I've set up my info, including uploading a .png logo.

Im trying to print a proposal - and the logo isn't appearing.

What can I do?

(34.8 KB)

Hi Tina,

I checked your account and I do see the log show up on the print preview on a proposal- are you still having the issue? 

One thing also, the actual file of the log is huge- it's a really big image- you might want to shrink it a bit and then reupload it, as it takes up a lot of room in the header. 

If you're still having issues please let us know-

Best Regards,


Thank you.  All is well on the logo now.

Is there a way for my proposals to show the items #s that I've manually entered for each product?

Hi Tina,

Right now the printouts don't show the Item #'s, as they are usually internal to the design firm. Which printout do you need to show them on?

I would need them on proposals and invoices, if possible.  Thanks!

Hi Tina,

Ok- we'll see what we can do to add that option. It'll be most likely available in January. 

Thanks so much.

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