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Time Billing with detail

I would like to show the detail of the time I am billing for.  I tried to create each time entry as an item but then it shows only qty 1 and a total.  I tried grouping them, adding to the invoice and then print with time only but then the other items on the invoice don't show up.  Is there any way to just create the time as an item separate from time tracking?  

I use time tracking for payroll so I still need it under time tracking but since I can't "copy" each billable line with its description, perhaps I should create an item manually for time.

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Hi Cheryl,

If you want to enter a lot of time charges independent of the Time Tracking module (which is the normal place they would go) you could create a single line item (or more than one) like you mention. That would show a qty of 1 (thought you could change that) and a single price. The additional step you could take to show more than one time charge on that Item is to enter it in the Additional Description for Client box (in the Item's detail edit view). This is a paragraph box that can have as much data as you like- so you can have 1-30 or more time entries just listed out there (with their total billing charge as the single charge for the Item).

If you use a regular Item to show time charges this way then definitely print the invoice the 'normal' way and not the Print Time options. The Print Time options access ONLY the Time Tracking entries on an invoice and not regular Items. The above approach is using a regular Item and it's 'Extra Description' section to show more data (time charges in this case) so it wouldn't use the Print Time option on the invoice. 

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