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QB Download pulling too much

I am trying to download purchase orders from DL to QB Pro.  I am filtering by Status = Confirmed by Supplier and Exported = No.  See Screen 1 in attached document.

Then I click on Download and up pops a lot more than I wanted and some of them have already been exported.  See screen 2 in attached document.

I use Chrome for my browser.  I have tried clearing cache, cookies and browsing history.  I have closed out of DL and logged back in.  Nothing seems to work and I am tired of manually deleting the multiply copies of purchase orders that are getting transferred to QB.

Please help


Beautiful, Kevin!  Thanks.

Hi Cheryl,

It seems like some browsers are now blocking those filters going from page to page. There was probably an update to them that changed this. We're working on a solution so the filters stay intact and should have that up shortly. 

Hi Cheryl,

This issue is fixed now- please let us know if you have any more trouble. 

Wonderful!  Thanks for the update.  

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