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Fonts and setout of documents

As a designer we would love to be able to make our invoices and proposals etc look a little more designer.  Would it be possible at any stage to alter the font, font sizes and layouts on these documents.  Also no-one uses faxes anymore and yet it still comes up on all our printed documents - can we delete this somehow?

Hi Peg, We are working on a customizable footer so you'll be able to add/remove any data you'd like there- we hope to have that available soon. Re fonts etc on invoices and proposals, we are looking into adding that ability on printouts but it probably won't be available before year's end. However, if you can email me directly what you're looking for we may be able to add that in sooner.

For the record, the designer I work with has also lamented not being able to customize the font and layout of the invoice.  It will certainly be a factor in deciding whether to use Designer Logic long term.

That's understandable but in the short term if you can send us an example of what you're looking for we may be able to accommodate it.
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