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Proposals keep printing giberish

I have followed all steps for proposal and when it prints it has all kinds of giberish and won't print the photos.  

Hi Hilda,

It might be a setting on your browser that's blocking some script from running. I'd try it in a different browser to test that and also try the download proposal as pdf link. If you're still having an issue please let me know so I can look into it further. 

Hi Hilda,

I was looking at your account and it appears your logo is a pdf instead of an image file- pdf's for logos won't show up normally in printouts because they're not actual image files. This might be causing the issue for you. 

Please try uploading a jpeg or png file (these are image types) in the Account/Manage Account section to change the logo. Also, make sure the logo image itself is small enough because it will use the actual size of the image. So if it's a huge image it will attempt to use that and it won't print correctly. 

If you need help with this please email me your logo image (I'll send a personal email to you that you can respond to) and I'll upload it for you. 



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