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Client Portal Showcased Items

I created my first client portal last week. I wanted to test how the portal worked for clients so I set myself up as a test client. I noticed there is a section in the client portal for Showcased Items. I cannot seem to add show cased items to the portal either as a designer or client. Also does not seem to be any explanation of what a showcased item is. Does anyone know the function of this feature? 

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Hi Marissa,

The Showcase feature was just added- the way to add Items to your client's Showcase is to:

  1. go into the Project Dashboard for that project
  2. click on the 'Client Portal' link so it opens up your view of the Client's Portal
  3. there's a new Showcase button there- click that and you'll go to a list of Items that are in Showcase (this will be blank when you first open it, as you haven't added any Items to Showcase yet)
  4. click the link that say 'Add Items to Showcase' and you'll see all the available Items on that project
  5. select the Items you want and then click the 'Add To Showcase' link. 
Once you add Items to the Showcase your client will get an email notification (make sure they have '   as an allowed, non-spam address so they don't have trouble getting the emails) and they will be able to instantly see the Items in their own view of the Showcase. 

In Showcase the client can Approve/Decline an Item and also make comments on it- and you'll get an email notification when that happens (make sure you have ' as an allowed, non-spam address so you don't have trouble getting the emails). 

Regarding instructions, we will have video tutorials of the new features, including the Showcase, out this week. Please let us know if you have any trouble with this feature and we'll be happy to help out. 

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