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Multiple Photos on Purchase Orders

Is it possible to add multiple photos to items? 

For example, I'm trying to send our Upholsterer a PO with instructions on how to reupholstered an existing chair. I'd love to be able to insert a photo of the chair as well as a separate photo of the fabric that he is applying and even a separate one of the trim. 

Is this possible? Thank you! 

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Yes, it is possible to do this. There's a couple different ways:

a) you can add the fabric (or anything else) to the main Item as a 'component' on the Item Detail page (by clicking the circle-i button of the item). Then, you can go to the Item Detail page for that component (fabric in this case) and enter a picture there for it. Then you can, if the fabric is being ordered from the same supplier, put it on the same PO as the main item. 

b) if the fabric is coming from a different supplier than the main item I would still add it as a 'component' of the main item. You can made a separate PO for it like any other item. If you want to get an image to the upholsterer along with the chair's PO the best thing to do is use, on the fabric's Item Detail page, the Options button and select one of the printouts. Then print that as a pdf and send it to your upholsterer along with the chair's PO. 

c) lastly, if you don't need to make the fabric it's own 'item' or 'component' (meaning that you don't have to order or track it) then you can just add a picture of it in the chair's 'Extra Images' section on the Item Detail page. There's an printout there under Options that includes additional images. 

One of these scenarios should work. B would probably be the best because it would enable you to order/track/invoice the fabric separately as well.