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time billing invoice

how do you create a time billing invoice?

If you aren't using the Time Tracking function just create in the Account Settings/SalesCodes section a SalesCode with a label like 'Time Charge' or whatever you'd like. Then use that SalesCode when creating a regular Item on a project and in the Description write out what you're charging for (in this case, Time). Then invoice as with any other item. 

I am trying to create a Time Charge for a client but the SalesCd doesn't show a drop down menu and doesn't allow me to enter anything. What am I supposed to do in order to be able to bill for time? Knowing that I do not use the Time Track option. 

We'll be putting up a video tutorial re Time Billing in the next few days. Briefly, though, the steps would be: A) keep track of hourly time charged in Time Track B) when you want to do a billing - usually at the end of the month- go to the Time Admin page from the Time Track page. Then filter the time entries by staff, project, date range, etc. Here you'll see the totals for the time, by project, as you've filtered them. C) take the total billable time for each project (shown in Time Admin) and go to each relevant Project's Work Page. D) then go to the top '+ New' menu and choose Item, same as if you're going to add any kind of item to a project. E) for the new item's Salescode choose Time Charge (or your own Salescode for time, if you entered one yourself in Settings). F) for the Description put something like 'Time Charges between x date and y date' or whatever you'd like that makes it clear it's a time line item. G) leave the cost as 0 unless you want to include to total you paid to your staff - from the Time Admin totals. Put 1 for Qty. Then put the total from Time Admin in the Client Price. H) Save and then close the Add Item page. This will take you back to the Project Work page. Just refresh this page and you're new Time line item will show up. I) The Time line item you just created can then be put on an invoice like any other item, either on its own or with other line items. Note: we'll soon be automating the totaling/creating of a new line item so steps C - H won't be necessary. The totals will be put on a new line item for each project automatically. We should have this implemented by January.